2D Animation

Pear Shaped

A 2D animation produced for A-Level Moving Images Art. The focus for this project was exploring different forms of animation, and creating a believable world and characters with the intention of forming an emotional reaction in the audience.

image-1 image-1 image-1

Multiplane Shots

An experimental project produced for my A-level Art coursework, creating multiplane scenes using mixed media. I was inspired by the artistic use of multiplane shots in Disney's 'Bambi', and wanted to develop a sequence with a similar emphasis on creating an atmosphere.

image-2 image-2 image-2

He Ain't Heavy...

An animation produced as the core of my AS Level Moving Images Art. The goal for this animation was to practice the use of basic animation principles such as walk cycles and the portrayal of weight, as I had begun to study 'The Animator's Survival Kit' at the time.

image-3 image-3 image-3

Teaching Divided Histories

A short promotional animation created during my work experience week at the 'Nerve Centre' in Derry during February 2014. During this placement I met veteran animator John McCloskey, visited Dog Ears Animation Studio and created this promo for the Nerve Centre's 'Teaching Divided Histories' project.

image-4 image-4 image-4