3D Models in Maya and ZBrush

Major Project: Space-ial Interests

Breakdown of asset creation for my graduate project, including conversion of character and environment concepts into 3D space.

Jumping Robot

A hard-surface character model with multiple interlocking pieces.

image-1 image-1 image-1

ZBrush Observational Bust

A ZBrush sculpt which I created in order to practice sculpting real world objects and creating observations in 3D space. This bust allowed me to experiment with sculpting human figures and with generating subtools, which I used to create the mayoral chain.

image-3 image-3 image-3

Bouncing Bird

Hard-surface model of a desk toy. The spring was created by manipulating a NURBS Circle extrusion around a CV Curve, which was then converted into a polygonal object.

The hair curves were generated from polygonal objects using the 'Hairball' python script created by David Bosker, which can be found here.

image-2 image-2 image-2